Open-ended automation

ThinkAutomation is a unique automation tool in terms of scope and flexibility. It comes to you as an open-ended workshop from which you can build out any workflow imaginable. Even better, it does so at a fraction of the cost of other RPA vendors.

Your workflows, your way

Your business doesn’t follow a template. So why should your business processes? With ThinkAutomation, workflows are entirely yours to mould. You set the triggers, you define the automated actions, and you control the connections.

Less limitation

ThinkAutomation doesn’t apply limitations on how much you can automate. We don’t put certain “connectors” behind premiums, and we don’t limit your monthly “runs”. You get:

Automation Uncapped Workflows
Automation Uncapped Data Processing
Automation Uncapped Integrations

Beyond basic connections


Microsoft Flow

Great for simple point-to-point integrations
Can handle quick-fire data pushes for common, templated tasks
Not designed for complex conditional workflows with custom triggers and actionss


Great for building a completely custom automation solution around your needs
Can handle endless conditionals and ‘if’ blocks for every eventuality
Define your own triggers and actions, with no need to rely on pre-set options

The Microsoft Flow alternative with more control

We give our users control over their automation. That control goes beyond the unrestricted workflow options and processing volumes. It runs right through to the core hosting setup.

Self-hosted deployment for secure, on-premises data processing
All data and credentials stored on your own servers and behind your own firewalls
Offers a perpetual licence to own the product outright

ThinkAutomation highlights

You know about the scale. You know about the customisation. But in terms of benefits and end results, ThinkAutomation also makes for the ideal Microsoft Flow alternative.

Automates thousands of rule-based tasks
Trusted by Fortune 500s
Integrates into any product with an API
Suitable for cross-industry, cross-team workflows
Robust enough to process billions of messages
Supported by a team of consultants and technicians


How do I create workflows in ThinkAutomation?

You use If statements – If, Then, Else – to create conditions. Then, you drag and drop triggers and actions. (If this happens, then run that action.) To build longer workflows, you would add multiple data touchpoints, triggers and actions.

What is ThinkAutomation’s processing speed?

ThinkAutomation checks for new messages every 30 seconds, and can then process these messages in a split second. This ultimately depends on your setup and the volume of messages received each day.

How much does ThinkAutomation cost?

For the standard edition, ThinkAutomation costs just £3000 per year. That covers you for unlimited feature access, unlimited data sources, unlimited data volumes, and unlimited automated actions.

Why should I trust ThinkAutomation over Microsoft Flow?

ThinkAutomation isn’t some new solution jumping on the automation bandwagon. It’s been around since 2004, and it’s robust enough to support the needs of organisations like Cisco, Xerox and NASA. To put this solidity in perspective, ThinkAutomation parses an average of 5 billion emails each year.

Try before you buy

You can take out a free trial of ThinkAutomation for a full 30-day stretch. We don’t take your credit card details, and you can simply uninstall if it’s not for you. So, try it as a Microsoft Flow alternative with more scope.

After your trial is complete you can purchase a licence to unlock the product. Your existing setup will be retained.

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