Santa’s automation: how automation could help Santa

It’s the busiest time of the year for Santa. There’s a lot to do, and not a lot of time to do it in.

The Yule time mascot is running a global operation, after all. And every year the job gets a little more challenging as the population grows.

That’s why Santa is grateful for all the help he can get — and where automation is there to help him and his team keep Christmas magical.

But how exactly does automation stand to help the Christmas head honcho?

Elf management ?‍♂️

Father Christmas relies on his team of elves to keep Christmas running. And automation software can help him manage his elves and keep track of their needs.

Christmas is a busy time and Santa needs more seasonal workers. Santa’s automation software helps onboard new elves into the festivities by parsing and organising elf CVs.

Automation can also send auto-replies to applicant elves, providing follow up attachments. So, the onboarding process of becoming one of Santa’s elves runs smoother.

Santa wants his elves to be happy while they get Christmas preparations underway. As such, he needs a way to collect and analyse worker elf feedback. He needs a streamlined way to understand how his elves are feeling — and to recognise when he needs to intervene.

So, Santa sets his automation software to parse elf feedback. It can conduct sentiment analysis to find out how the elves are feeling, and automatically alert him to high or low sentiment scores.

The naughty and nice list ✔️

Santa needs to keep up to date data on the children of the world. Every year he needs to make his list and check it twice — and that takes time. Having automation in his corner can help save Santa from this tedious manual data entry.

Santa’s naughty and nice list is a lot of data to collect, manage and protect. Automation software helps Santa stay confident that his list is not only free from error but that it’s secure, too.

For example, Santa can set his automation to automatically update his list when a child earns their way from naughty to nice. Automation can also help Santa check his list by performing automated pulls and following up on the results.

To keep the naughty and nice list safe, Santa sets rules for automated backups. So, the list is protected from accidental deletion, corruption or loss.

And, to keep the children of the world safe and protected, Santa’s automation also automatically encrypts and decrypts the list. So, only the right people can see who’s getting a gift.

Children’s letters ?

Another big job for Santa at Christmastime is collecting, reading, and managing children’s wish lists. He has a lot of letters to read, and a lot of requests collected by his team to collate.

Automation can help organise and manage the wishes Santa receives. It can act as an ETL tool, parsing children’s letters, extracting their requests, and loading it into his database. So, he can see which children have been nice, and what they want for Christmas.

Santa’s automation can extract information from all sorts of document types. From there, it can classify the requests, and transform the information into a usable format. So, a letter alerting Santa to a change of address won’t get mixed up with a letter asking for a pony this year.

This means that Santa can spend less time sorting through letters, and more time getting the right presents ready.

Present delivery ?

All the hard work that Santa and his elves do comes to a head on Christmas Eve. Well, Santa’s automation is there to help the delivery day go smoothly too.

There’s a lot of admin involved in making sure all the presents are created, wrapped and delivered on time. And so, Santa’s automation has a helpful hand to offer here too.

For instance, Santa can set rules that will trigger an alert when supplies are running low. From there, more inventory can be automatically ordered, and so the elves will never run out of what they need.

Automation can also help Santa monitor his shipments. Santa simply sets up rules that let his automation software check shipment progress. From there, it can provide pick up times, and alert team members when they’re needed.

Santa’s automation ?

Santa’s automation is no replacement for the elves and team members that help Santa make Christmas magical. Rather, it’s a powerful tool, helping Santa keep up with the demanding challenge of being Father Christmas.

Santa and his team need all their attention on the big jobs that need doing. So, they’re getting a helping hand from automation.

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