What's New in This Release?

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What's New in This Release?

Latest Release: ThinkAutomation Version 4.2.1691

Pre-Requisites for Updating to this version:

There are some changes which the user will need to make when updating ThinkAutomation to any of the 4.2 versions. See ThinkAutomation 4.2 - Upgrade Requirements for instructions.


Bug Fixes

Fixed incorrect link in help files when selecting 'Print Message'

Fixed issue where connections to Microsoft Exchange would fail when using TLS 1.2

Fixed issue where selecting 'External File' as the source for the body of an outgoing email message would send no content.


Improvements and New Features

Binary streaming support added to Post To A Web Page action

Binary content of files can be read and converted to Base64 in the File Operations

Added new trigger action: Save File To A Database

When forwarding the original message, users can now specify a custom from address.

Added support for parsing multiple Excel worksheets.

Added new Upload to an SFTP Server trigger action.


For more release notes for version 4.2 click here

ThinkAutomation Version 4.1 / 4.0 / Email2DB Release Notes

ThinkAutomation Version 4.1.1588 (March)


Call A Web Service action fixed for Unicode characters.

Fixed issued with Post To A Web Service action, JSON Post type not including any custom headers.

Fixed issue with CSV Pickup account type only processing 1000 lines.


ThinkAutomation Version 4.1


New 'Dark' theme added.

You can now hide actions from the Actions Toolbox that you do not use.


New Actions

New Post message to Slack action.

New FTP Download action.

New Execute Secure Shell (SSH) Command action.

New iOS Notifications action.

New Dropbox share file/folder action.

New Google Analytics action.

New Date Operations action.

New Skype For Business Online actions.



For Each/Next Loop can now loop on comma separated values.

OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 & CRM file upload actions can now upload multiple files separated by commas.

OneDrive & Dropbox actions can now upload to or download from any folder.

Dropbox & Google Drive API integration updated to the latest versions. Please Note: You will need to re-authorize any actions that use Dropbox or Google Drive.

Improved connection to Gmail. ThinkAutomation now uses OAuth to connection to Gmail.


ThinkAutomation Version 4.0

Email2DB now has a new name 'ThinkAutomation'. This new name better represents the product capabilities.



Updated Administrator view of Accounts & Triggers providing more detail.

Accounts view now shows messages processed counts and throughput.

Accounts in error show in red.


New Actions

New On Error action for improved error handling.

New Select Case, Case, End Select actions for conditional execution.

New Document Convert action for converting Word, Excel files/attachments to PDF, HTML or Image formats.

New PDF Convert action for converting PDF files to Image or text formats.

New WhoIs lookup action.

New Word Mail Merge action.

New Twilio Make Outbound Telephone call action.

New Twilio Send SMS action.

New Twilio Wait For SMS Reply action.

New Normalize Phone Number action.

New Facebook post action.

New Sentiment Analysis, Get Sentiment & Train Sentiment Analyzer actions.

New Exchange Server/Office 365 Set/Get Email Signature action.

New Exchange Server Update Current Message action - append to subject/body, set Read, Complete & Follow-up Date.

New Create Pass To Buttons action.

New Logging level can now be set during Trigger execution.

New Create Passcode action.

New Encrypt/Decrypt action.

New Zip/Unzip action.

New PowerShell execute command action.

New Create JSON action.



Fixed: Database command action now allows named parameters.

Fixed: ICal appointment sending action error.

Fixed: JSON read action basic authentication error fixed.

Azure Database action now uses SQL Native Client 11 if it is installed.


Sentiment Analysis

ThinkAutomation can now perform Sentiment Analysis on incoming messages or any other text.

Returns Sentiment Score showing if text is Positive or Negative in sentiment.

Allows creation of Triggers to execute actions based on the Sentiment score.



New Twilio Message source for receiving SMS messages via Twilio.

Scheduled execution option added for most action types.

Send Email Action now uses an improved editor for creating HTML emails.

For Each/Next Loop can now iterate through message body lines and loop on any numeric field/variable.

File Pickup Account type can now pickup any type of file.

Improved PDF to text extraction.

Print Action can now print Word, Excel, HTML & Text attachments in addition to PDF.

FTP Action now supports secure FTP.

Set Variable action can now call a script to set/adjust the variable value.

Post to Facebook action now implemented.

Updated Web-Based Message Store Viewer provides an improved look and performance.

You can now print Trigger details.

Validate action now allows the Title & response text and Skin to be specified.

You can now create Account 'Groups' for improved organization when many Accounts are used.

Messages can be posted directly to ThinkAutomation via web forms.

JSON Parsing action can now parse JSON text as well as reading JSON data from URL's.



All ThinkAutomation .NET components & web services upgraded to use .NET Framework 4.5.

Message Store database improvements for storing messages with many or large attachment names.

GEO-IP database updated to April 2016.

Product Name Changed To 'ThinkAutomation'.

The Email2DB Enterprise Edition is renamed 'ThinkAutomation Standard' Edition & the Email2DB Data Center Edition renamed to 'ThinkAutomation Enterprise' Edition.

Support for Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, SQL Server 2014, 2016. Dropped support for Windows XP.

Support for Microsoft Dynamics 2013/2015/2016.



Email2DB Version 3.3

Email2DB Version 3.3 adds the following new features over version 3.2



Updated core networking, IMAP & email/mime handling components for improved performance and compatibility.

Updated Office 365 components.


Improved PDF Handling

Accounts form now has new PDF Extraction options. Allows finer control over how PDF attachment text is parsed and appending to the body for parsing.

Added Test button to PDF Extraction options allowing you to view how the PDF text will be extracted.

Added 'Append PDF Form Data' option. Allows PDF form data to be extracted in a consistent manner that is easier for parsing. Form fields will be appended to the body in 'fieldname: value' format.

Printing PDF attachments will now auto rotate if the document is in landscape format.


New Account Source Type

Accounts can now read messages from a Microsoft Azure Queue. Messages will be read from the queue and processed allowing easy integration with Microsoft Azure.


New Actions

Add Message To An Azure Queue.


Other Changes

Outgoing emails can now have a custom x-mailer header using the custom headers option of the outgoing email action.

Message viewer now shows inline attachments.

Command timeout on Database Execute Command action.

Fixed issue with source emails containing duplicate attachments of the same name.

Fixed issue with source emails containing regular and inline attachments of the same name.

Added option to change the SMTP greeting text for the built-in mail server.

Updated GEO-IP database to June 2015.


Version 3.2

Email2DB Version 3.2 adds the following new features over version 3.1.


Improved Logging

Version 3.2 changes the way Email2DB Message Processing logs are generated, stored and viewed. This provides a significant improvement in performance when the Email2DB server is under heavy load.

Logs are now stored in a new MessageLog table in the Message Store database. Previously logs were held in separate files.


Log Viewing

A number of improvements have been made to log viewing via the Email2DB Administrator:

The Node Name will be shown if multiple message processor nodes are in use (when using the Data Center Edition).

The Account name is shown.

Search for text whilst viewing logs.

View logs for previous days.

Lock the scroll position to prevent new log lines scrolling the display whilst viewing.

View the Message in the Message Store for the currently selected log line.


New Actions

Exchange Mark Message As Junk.

Exchange Create Lync Folder.

Exchange Move Contact To Lync Folder.

Improved Update CSV Action.

GeoIP Lookup Action.

JSON lookup Action.

LDAP Search & LDAP Update Actions.


Version 3.1

Email2DB Version 3.1 adds the following new features over version 3.0.


Action Snippets

Blocks of Actions can now be saved as ‘Snippets’. These can be re-used on other Triggers. You can create a Snippet whilst editing Actions. This creates a new Tab in the Actions list. You can then copy/paste Actions to it or edit it as normal. When you create a Snippet this automatically as a new action  ‘Include’ to your current trigger. The Include Action is used to call the Snippet. Once a Snippet is saved it will appear as an action in the Toolbox to be used on other Triggers. If you edit a Snippet – any changes will take effect on any Trigger that includes it.


Trigger Revision Saving

A new option has been added to main program options ‘Keep A Copy Of All Trigger Edits’. If enabled then all changes made to Triggers will be stored. A new ‘Revert’ menu option on the Trigger ribbon allows you to revert to any previous version of the Trigger.


Multiple Action Selecting

When editing Trigger Actions you can now select multiple lines at the same time for Delete, Copy, Cut & Move Up/Down.


New Actions

Execute A Database Command - allows you to execute a command or stored procedure and assign the results to variables.

Lookup From A Database - allows you to lookup a record from a database and assign multiple database fields to Email2DB fields or variables.

Post To LinkedIn - allows automation of LinkedIn Shares.

Create Outlook MSG File - saves the current message or custom message as an Outlook compatible MSG file.

Send TCP Data - opens any TCP socket, sends custom data and optional wait for a response.

File Operations - create folders, copy, move, rename & delete files.

SkyDrive Upload/Download.

Google Drive Upload/Download.

Download File - download a file via HTTP from any URL.

Translate Text - translate text from one language to another and assign the results to variables.

Speak Text - speak text in a given language. Return the file URL to a variable.

Detect Language - returns the language code for any text.


Other Changes

Condition builder can now use fields %hour% and %minute% allowing you to create time-based conditions.

Improved Regular Expression handing - now compatible with full Microsoft RegEx implementation.

Improved Performance of Message Processor when actions generated large logs.

New Office 2013 Theme and updated Icons.

Updated Twitter parsing & posting using the new Twitter API.



Version 3.0

Email2DB Version 3 adds the following new features over version 2.x.



Email2DB Version 3 has been rewritten from the ground up to provide a more scalable & secure architecture. Two new services have been created:


1. The Edge Server


The Edge Server handles the retrieval of messages via IMAP, POP3 ,Exchange, Database Pull, Twitter, RSS & HTTP sources. The Edge Server runs the Trigger Condition checker on each new message and assigns it a Trigger ID. It then places the message in a new database table called the 'Edge Queue'.


2. The Message Processor Server


The Message Processor Server reads new messages from the Edge Queue and executes all Trigger Actions for the Trigger that the message has been assigned to. The message is then stored in the Email2DB Message Store.


In Email2DB Version 2 the above processes were handled by a single server. The advantage of this new architecture is that the Edge Server & Message Processor Servers execute concurrently. In addition, with the new Data Center Edition the Edge & Message Processor Servers can be run on separate physical computers and you can run multiple instances to share the processing load.



Starting with Email2DB Version 3, the Email2DB Administrator no longer updates the Account & Trigger settings (the 'MetaData') directly - even when run on the same computer. It reads/posts MetaData XML via the Email2DB Server using secure HTTPS. This makes editing Accounts & Triggers faster - regardless of the number of Accounts & Triggers you have setup. All passwords are now stored in the MetaData encrypted. The MetaData can now be stored in a SQL Server database in addition to Email2DB's own database (SQLite).



Trigger actions are now executed in the order you add them - in Version2 Trigger Actions executed in a fixed order.

Actions can be moved up and down the execution order.

Multiple actions of the same type can be added.

Each Action can now have its own Conditional Execution rule.

If, Else, End If blocks can be created allowing for conditional execution of blocks of Actions.

Easy creation of Actions via drag/drop interface.

Visual view of Action execution order eases Trigger development and increases productivity.


New Action Types (Dependent On Edition)

Update Azure SQL Databases, Table Entities & Blobs.

Update Excel Spreadsheet.

Update/Read/Upload to SharePoint sites.

Update/Read/Upload to Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce CRM systems.

Upload to Amazon S3.

Upload to Dropbox.

Send iCalendar Appointments.

Wait For Manual Validation.

Update Exchange Server (2007/2010/2013 & Office 365) Contacts.

Update Exchange Server Appointments.

Update Exchange Server Tasks & Notes.

Set & Get Exchange Out Of Office Status for any user.

Move Message To Different Exchange folder.

Add Message To Exchange.

Read A Web Page.

DNS Lookup.

Update WebDav Resource.

Upload To FTP Server.

Post To A Jabber Server.

Post To Twitter.

Render messages as PDF files.

Set Variable.

Read/Write Text File.

Logical If, Else, End If, Go To, Label, For Each Loop, & End.


SMS Sending can now use SNPP Servers in addition to the Email2DB SMS Gateway.

See Also: Available Action Types



Can now read messages via Exchange Web Services (EWS).

Can now accept messages from multiple remote users running the Email2DB Client.

Atom feeds can be read in addition to RSS.

Can now read tweets from a Twitter Account using any search term.

File pickup supports Outlook MSG files.

CSV & Excel Spreadsheet File Pickup.

Outlook PST Export Wizard.



Tabbed editing of multiple Accounts & Triggers at the same time.

Drag & Drop toolbox interface for Trigger Action creation.

Visual view of Trigger Action execution sequence.

Faster loading & editing when large numbers of Accounts & Triggers are being used.

Secure HTTPS connection to the Email2DB Server.

Administrator can be used on remote computers on all editions.



New 'Edge Server' & 'Message Processor' Servers split the reading & processing of messages into two concurrently running processes - improving overall performance and reliability.

Edge & Message Processor Servers can run on separate physical computers (Data Center Edition).

Multiple Edge & Message Processors can run at the same time for maximum scalability.

Can now use SQL Server to store the Email2DB Accounts & Trigger Settings (MetaData).

Built-In Message Store Database now uses SQLite.

Outgoing emails are now sent via the Email2DB Mail Server allowing for better performance, failure retries and non-delivery processing.

New Web Services included for easy addition of messages to be processed via 3rd party applications.

Message Store can now use SQL Server 2012.


New Email2DB Client Application

A new application that can run on multiple networked workstations or over the Internet.

Connects to the Email2DB Server via secure HTTPS.

Allows users to drag and drop messages onto specific Email2DB Accounts & Triggers.

Outlook messages can be dragged and dropped directly onto the Email2DB Client for processing.

Messages are then sent to the Email2DB Server for immediate processing.

Can integrate with the user's local Outlook Client allowing multiple Outlook Clients to send messages to a single Email2DB Server.


Data Center Edition

Aimed at larger businesses or businesses with high message volume.

Allows distributed processing and redundancy.

Multiple 'nodes' can be configured on separate computers.

Each node can be configured to read incoming messages, process messages or act as a mail server.

Multiple message processor servers can be activated at any time to share message processing load.


Hosted Edition

Now available as a hosted service.

Provides all the features of the Email2DB Enterprise edition.

Secure message storage using Microsoft Azure geo-redundant containers.


The product Edition names have been changed starting with Version 3. The 'Standard' edition in Version 2 has been discontinued. The Version 2 'Professional' Edition is now renamed 'Small Business' Edition.

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