What ThinkAutomation Can Do

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What ThinkAutomation Can Do

ThinkAutomation is your all-in-one solution for automating the processing of inbound messages or data. Below is a brief list of just some of the uses it can be put to.


Inbound Email Handling

Parse & extract data from inbound emails, web forms and SMS to update a database.

Backup emails in a central store.

Automatically move/forward messages based on content.

Automatically save attachments to folders/SharePoint/CRM or online storage.

Create automated email responses and schedule responses for future dates.

Create an automated quotation process for customers.

Automate the processing of, and response to, incoming orders, quote requests, web forms.


Outgoing Messages

Send multiple outgoing Emails, SMS Messages, iOS Notifications.

Send outgoing messages on future dates.

Include fields extracted from incoming messages on outgoing messages.


Document Processing

Send ThinkAutomation an email containing a Word or Excel document and have it convert to a PDF and send it back.

Convert all attachments to PDF's and store on your file system or CRM.

Send ThinkAutomation an email, have it extract information, run a Word mail merge to create a new document, convert it to PDF an email back.

Generate custom reports in response to an incoming message, export the report to PDF.

Send ThinkAutomation an email/SMS containing a URL, have ThinkAutomation create a PDF version of the web site and email it back.



Translate any incoming email or SMS into another language and email the response back.

Detect the language of any incoming message, translate it into your own language and append the translation to the email.



Escalate incoming emails with negative sentiment.

Monitor incoming emails with positive sentiment and send to marketing.

Monitor Twitter for positive or negative sentiment Tweets about your company and automate responses.



Post messages & upload files to Slack team channels.



Automatically add new contacts to your CRM system from processed orders, web forms and database records.

Add attachments to existing CRM records for each email your customers send you.

Lookup information from your CRM system during order processing.

Create email entities in Dynamics CRM.



Setup an automated SMS response system.

Send SMS notifications to customers.

Forward emails to SMS or SMS to emails.

Have ThinkAutomation extract the customers telephone number from an email and call them back with a status update which is read to them.

Create an on-line 'Click To Call Back' system for your customers.

Setup an employee SMS based sickness reporting system. Update your HR system, send an email confirmation and set their out-of-office status.

Post to Twitter via an SMS message.

Setup a two-factor authentication system. Send an email to a user containing a passcode. Then send an SMS to the user asking for the passcode and wait for the response.



Have ThinkAutomation monitor Twitter for any Tweets about your business and alert you as they happen.

Automate company posts to Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn.

Send an Email to ThinkAutomation containing a new post and have ThinkAutomation post on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn for you.

Schedule posts for future dates.



Monitor a competitors web page and receive an email or SMS when it changes.

Receive web form posts and send an email responses, add customer data to a database.



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