Message Store Web Viewer

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Message Store Web Viewer

You can also view your message store via the included web application which is part of the ThinkAutomation Web Services.


Ensure the ThinkAutomation Web Services are configured and working first.


Then use your browser to open:




Where {ThinkAutomationserver} is the DNS name or IP address of your ThinkAutomation computer.


The login form should then be shown.


Enter your User Name & Password.




Your message store will then be displayed.


You can choose to view messages by Folder or Account. Select the folder or account to view from the Tree.


You can Remove and Reprocess messages from here. Multiple messages can be selected to Remove or Reprocess. You can also right-click a selection.


A preview of the selected message will be shown. Select the ... button in the preview pane to view the Message Content, Headers or Process Log.



Getting A Link To A Specific Message

In the preview pane select the ... menu. Select the Get A Link To This Message option.


The selected message will then be opened in a new browser window:




This link can be saved or sent via email. It represents a unique link to the message. This link is also available in ThinkAutomation Actions using the %msg_viewurl% field. See: The Message Link URL



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