Viewing Statistics

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Viewing Statistics

You can view a chart showing the number of messages processed for any Account. Select the Account in the ThinkAutomation Administrator and click the View Statistics button:




The Chart will show the number of messages processed by the selected Account for each day in This Month. You can select Last Month, This Year & Last Year from the Period drop down.


The For drop down allows you to select additional chart types:


Messages Received - total messages received for each day, with messages sent also showing (in red).

Bytes Received - the combined size of all messages received.

Sender Domain - a pie chart showing the top 10 domain names of messages received.

Sender Country - a pie chart showing the top 10 sender countries.

Attachment File Type - a pie chart showing the top 10 attachment types received.


Any Message Store Token counts created with the Update Message Store Token action will also be shown here if you have added any of these Action types to any Triggers for the selected account.


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