Viewing Scheduled Outgoing Messages

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Viewing Scheduled Outgoing Messages

When you send a Scheduled Message using the Send An Email or Send An SMS Message Action the outgoing message is added to the Outbox table in the ThinkAutomation Message Store. The ScheduledDate field contains the date & time when the message should be sent.


You can view pending Scheduled Messages for any Account & Trigger.


Select an Account or Trigger and click View Scheduled Outgoing Messages on the Ribbon Bar, or right-click an Account or Trigger and select View Scheduled Messages from the popup menu.


All pending outgoing messages for the selected Account or Trigger will be shown.


Click Delete to delete the currently selected message. Click Delete All to delete all messages currently in the view. You can search for messages for a specific email address or with specific text in the subject by entering text in the Subject or Address Contains entry and clicking Refresh.





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