Viewing Messages

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Viewing Messages

In the ThinkAutomation Administrator, right-click any Account or Trigger and select View Processed Messages. A list of all processed messages will be displayed for the selected Account/Trigger.





You can select a date range in the Period drop-down, and/or specific text in the Subject, Keywords or Address Contains entry. Click the Refresh button to update the list depending on the criteria. See Also: Add Message Store Keywords


Click the Failed Messages Only button to only view messages where the Trigger actions caused an error (for example, if your database failed to update). You can view the last error message generated in the 'Last Error' column.


The Show Messages From All Accounts button enables you to view messages in the selected folder regardless of the Account/Trigger that processed them. By default when you view the message store only messages for the currently selected Account or Trigger are shown. Select this button to view all messages in the selected folder.


Click the View Message button or double-click a message line to view the full message.




The Message Text option shows the plain text message. The HTML option shows the HTML formatted message. The Message Headers option shows the complete MIME headers for the message. If the message contains any attachments, these will be shown. You can right-click an attachment and save it to a folder on your PC.


Click Trigger Process Log to view the ThinkAutomation Log File for the Actions performed when the message was processed.


Click the Forward Message to forward the message as a new email to someone. Enter the email address to forward to (you can use multiple addresses separated by commas).


Deleting  Messages

You can delete a specific  message, or all messages currently shown in the list. If you delete a message ThinkAutomation will re-read and process the message again - if it still exists at the message source (POP3, IMAP). Click Remove Selected to remove all selected messages. Click Remove All to remove all messages shown in the current view.


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Viewing Messages Via The Web

You can also view your message store via a web browser. See: Message Store Web Viewer


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