Client Side Database Updates

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Client Side Database Updates

This topic describes the use of Database Update At Client options of ThinkAutomation database update actions. This option is used in contrast to database updates that are from the ThinkAutomation server to the target, for instance a database that is only accessible to the Remote Administrator's machine.


The Update At Client functionality enables you to control the location of the procedure that will fire an update. This is ideal if you wish to use a database that is only available to your local machine, or you wish to only have the ThinkAutomation product update your system when you have the Remote Administrator open. The connectivity is made by the Remote Administrator that creates that particular Action within the Trigger of ThinkAutomation.


This then opens the ability to use any Connection Strings specific to your desktop or existing Data Source configurations, adding to this database drivers that are only available from your Remote Administrator machine.


The process does add a small amount of overhead in comparison to a typical Database Update Action from the ThinkAutomation Server. This is due to the fact that any information you wish to send to the target database is passed through to your Remote Administrator in an XML packet via HTTPS following message parsing and then to the target database from your machine.
Data is only sent to the Remote Administrator when the ThinkAutomation Server detects that the configured Computer Name's Remote Administrator has connected. When the specific Remote Administrator that built the connection is not connected, the data is queued until the next login from that particular machine.


Each time that the Remote Administrator performs a Client Update a pop-up message is displayed in the bottom right corner of the connected machine where the update was performed. Along with this, if an error occurs, the error message is displayed within a pop-up and is also available within the Message Processor Server Log for you to review.


Pause Client Updates

For times when you wish to perform modifications to the Client Updates of your machine or stop processing temporarily due to maintenance, you are able to Pause Client Updates from the ribbon menu of the Remote Administrator at all levels ThinkAutomation (Account, Triggers and Trigger Properties). The Remote Administrator will not request data from the ThinkAutomation Server until the Resume Client Updates has been selected by a user.


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