Twilio Samples

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Twilio Samples

ThinkAutomation can integrate with Twilio for receiving & sending SMS messages and for making & connecting outbound telephone calls. Triggers can be executed based on the content or sender of the incoming message. Actions in your Triggers can send outgoing SMS messages and optionally wait for a response to a sent message. If you wait for a response you can then execute different actions based on the responded text. Outgoing calls can also be made. These calls can read some text to the receiver and optionally connect the call to another telephone.


The examples here show how we can use ThinkAutomation for creating an automated incoming SMS handler.


The example allows a customer to text commands to a number. Each text message sent is stored in a database and ThinkAutomation executes a Trigger for each command:






Info Request

Asks the customer what product they would like information about, waits for a response and then sends an email with product information about the product selected.


Call Me

Asks the customer which Department they would like to speak to and then places a call to the customer and connects it to the selected department.



Asks the customer for their Name, Company & Email. Waits for responses and then updates a database. Customers must use the Register command before they can send other commands.


Service Status

Sends a text back to the customer with current service status.



Sends a text back to the customer showing available commands.


The Help Trigger is last in the list so it will execute if any command is sent that is not picked up by the other Triggers.


When creating a Twilio Account you would set the Account Source to Twilio. See: Twilio Account Type



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