RSS Lookup

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RSS Lookup

ThinkAutomation can also read messages from any RSS or Atom feed. Triggers will be executed when new items are added to the feed.


Click the RSS Lookup option on the Ribbon bar.




The RSS Feed option allows you to read RSS feed messages that you can then execute Triggers against.


Click the Read Messages From RSS Feed option to enable the RSS Feed Lookup.


Enter the RSS Feed URL that you want to subscribe to.


Enable Atom Feed Instead Of RSS if the feed is using the newer Atom format.


Enable Add RSS Headers To Body Text if you want additional RSS/Atom headers appending to the body text for parsing. If not selected, then just the item text will be added to the body.


How It Works

At the Account predefined interval (for example, every 10 minutes), ThinkAutomation will read new messages from the defined RSS Feed. Each new item returned from the RSS Feed will be treated as a separate message. The message Body will be set to the text of the feed item.


The message Subject will be set to the Title tag of the item.


The message From address will be set to the item author, or source if the author is not specified.


You can then use your trigger conditions to examine the headers/content of the RSS Item and execute actions as you require.



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