Reprocessing Messages

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Reprocessing Messages

You can reprocess any message or range of messages in the Message Store. If you select to reprocess a message the message will be copied back into the Edge Queue. The ThinkAutomation Message Processor Server will pick up the message and process the Actions defined on the Trigger again.


Select an Account & Trigger, then choose View Processed Messages from the Ribbon Bar - or right-click a Trigger and select View Processed Messages from the popup menu.


The messages held in the Message Store for the selected Trigger will be displayed.


Highlight the message you want to reprocess and click the Reprocess Selected button, or right-click the message and select Reprocess This Message from the popup menu.


You can select a range of messages by holding shift and the cursor up or down. The selected messages will be highlighted. The Reprocess Selected option will then apply to the selection.


Click Reprocess All to reprocess all the messages in the current view. If you have limited the message view by selecting a Period or Subject Or Address Contains text, then only those messages will be reprocessed when the Reprocess All option is used.





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