Outbox Processing

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Outbox Processing

You can create a special Account that can be used to process emails sent by ThinkAutomation (as opposed to messages it retrieves from various sources). This allows you to execute actions on outgoing messages.


You can define a single ThinkAutomation Account as the 'Outbox' account.


On the Account Settings option of the Account properties, select the Outbox option.


Only one Account can be defined as the Outbox.


You can now create message Triggers as normal within this Account.


Any email messages that ThinkAutomation sends as a result of Triggers executing on other accounts will be passed to this Account once they are sent.


Note: If any Triggers in the Outbox account themselves send outgoing emails, then these will not be processed by the Outbox account (since this would cause an infinite loop).


Saving All Sent Messages To The Sent Items Folder In The Message Store

The ThinkAutomation Message store contains a folder called 'Sent Items'. You can setup a Trigger in the Outbox so that all sent messages are saved to this folder.


To do this, follow these steps.


1. Create the Outbox Account.

2. Make sure the Store Full Copy Of Each Message In The Message Store option is enabled.

3. Create a new trigger in the Outbox Account. Call this 'All' and leave all the trigger conditions as their defaults .

4. On the Save To tab of the Trigger, select the Sent Items folder.


You could create additional folders or sub-folders in the Message Store and save sent messages to different folders using different Triggers with different Trigger conditions.


Note: Outbox Processing is not available with the ThinkAutomation Hosted Edition.

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