Organizing Folders

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Organizing Folders

The Message Store database can be organized into folders. ThinkAutomation creates 3 folders by default:


Processed Messages - all processed messages are stored here.

Sent Items - if you create an 'Outbox' Account, then messages processed by the Outbox Account will be stored here.

Spam - Emails received by the built-in mail server that have been marked as spam are stored here.


You can create any number of folders and sub-folders. You can then assign a folder to a Trigger, so that messages that are processed by the Trigger are saved to a specific folder.


Whilst viewing the message store, select a folder and click the Add folder button, or right-click a folder and select New Folder from the popup:




The Folder form will be displayed:




Enter the Folder Name and select the Parent Folder. Click OK to save the folder.


Your Triggers can now save processed messages to this folder. Select the Save To option on the Trigger Properties and select any of your folders to save processed messages to.


You can also drag and drop messages to move them into different folders.

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