Adding Users

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Adding Users

You can create any number of User accounts. When an incoming email arrives via the built-in mail server, ThinkAutomation will check if the message is for a user, and place the message into the users Inbox in the Message Store database without the need to create a Trigger to do so. Users can view their messages using the ThinkAutomation Administrator itself, or via a regular email client (like Windows Mail, or Microsoft Outlook).


Click the Users tab on the ThinkAutomation Administrator Ribbon bar, then click Add User to create a new user.




Enter the Username and Password. The username must be unique. Enter the users Full Name.


Select the Organization that this user is part of. When a user logs into ThinkAutomation they will only see Accounts, Triggers & Users created by users in the same Organization. Click Add to create a new Organization.


Select the Administrator option if this user has full access to all Message Store folders and can create other users within the selected Organization. If the System Admin option is enabled then the user can see all Accounts & Users - regardless of the Organization.


Select the Allow Access Via POP3/IMAP option if this user can use an email client to view their messages.


You can now assign any number of Email Addresses to this user. Any incoming messages that arrive via the built-in mail server addressed to any of these addresses will be placed in the users folder in the Message Store. Click the Add button to add an email address. If you specify just the alias for an email address (IE: the name without the @ sign and domain) then the mail server will assume the default domain name specified against the Organization. For example, if the hostname is '' and you specify 'sales' for the email address, then ThinkAutomation will accept messages for '' for the user.


Wild cards can be used in email addresses. For example, sales@* would accept any incoming email addressed for the alias 'sales' - regardless of the domain. stephen* would accept emails for,, etc.


Message Store Folders


For non-admin users you can restrict access to folders in the Message Store on a user basis. Select each folder that you grant the user access to. When users view messages either via the ThinkAutomation Administrator, or via an email client, they will only see the folders they have access to.


Forward Emails


You can select to forward all inbound email for this user to another address.


Enable the Forward Emails option and enter the Forward To address. If the Only Forward option is enabled then ThinkAutomation will forward the message then delete it. The message will not be saved in the ThinkAutomation users mailbox.


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