Mail Enabling Message Store Folders

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Mail Enabling Message Store Folders

You can assign one or more email addresses to Message Store folders. When the ThinkAutomation mail server receives an incoming email it will automatically place the email in the correct folder without the need to create a Trigger to do so.


Select the Email Address tab of the Message Store Folder properties:




Click Add to add an Email Address. Each folder can accept emails for any number of addresses.


If you specify just the alias for an email address (IE: the name without the @ sign and domain) then the mail server will assume the default hostname specified in the Mail Server options for the domain name. For example, if the hostname is '' and you specify 'sales' for the email address, then ThinkAutomation will accept messages for '' for the user.


Wild cards can be used in email address. For example, sales@* would accept any incoming email addressed for the alias 'sales' - regardless of the domain. stephen* would accept emails for,, etc.

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