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Welcome To ThinkAutomation Version 4

ThinkAutomation is a business process automation solution designed to monitor and act on business events. Use ThinkAutomation to receive Email Messages, SMS Text Messages, Database Records, Twitter Feeds, Web Forms, Web Pages, RSS Feeds and other sorts of messages from multiple sources - then extract useful information from these messages to update your databases and perform multiple automated actions. Automate the processes that need to occur when your business receives messages and dynamically respond to things happening on the web.




If you receive any sort of data or message by email, SMS or via the Web, such as orders, customer requests, web form results, or any other regular responses, you can use ThinkAutomation to convert them into real data, and at the same time perform other tasks, such as forwarding the email, sending new emails, printing a report, posting to web pages, posting to social networks, updating CRM systems & much more.


ThinkAutomation is a message 'parser'. It scans messages and picks out (parses) data that it matches to fields in your database. After extracting the field data it builds SQL statements to send to your database.


So you could use ThinkAutomation to receive customer orders from your web site, then automatically update your orders database, update your CRM system, print a report and export it as a PDF file, email the report to the customer, forward the email to your sales team, post to Twitter, schedule an automated email follow up in the future and much more.


ThinkAutomation can process more than just email messages. It can retrieve messages from web pages, incoming SMS messages, Twitter & RSS feeds, database records and files on your computer. ThinkAutomation can even act as a fully featured email server, allowing it to process email as it comes in (or out). It can also receive messages from multiple remote users on your network or across the Internet.


Once setup, ThinkAutomation is designed to run uninterrupted and in the background. It can run on the company server, or on a workstation. The ThinkAutomation Enterprise Edition can run on multiple servers (nodes) within your organization with each node handling message retrieval or message processing. You can add more nodes as your processing needs grow.


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