Integrating With Microsoft Outlook

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Integrating With Microsoft Outlook

Included with the ThinkAutomation Client is an add-in for Outlook that acts as a 'bridge' between Outlook and the ThinkAutomation Client. This add-in is installed automatically when the ThinkAutomation Client is installed.


If you restart Outlook after installing ThinkAutomation you will see a new option on the Add-Ins tab:




Select ThinkAutomation Connector to view the ThinkAutomation Outlook Connector




The ThinkAutomation Outlook Connector checks for new email messages in Outlook every xx minutes (this interval is defined on the ThinkAutomation Account Settings). Any new email messages found are passed to the ThinkAutomation Client for processing. ThinkAutomation can read both Mail Items and Post Items from personal and public folders.


Email messages are never altered in Outlook or deleted.


The Outlook Connector is configured using the ThinkAutomation Client.


Click button Outlook Integration to configure the Outlook Add-In.




Each ThinkAutomation Account is shown. Select an Account and enable the Monitor A Local Outlook Folder For This Account option.


Click Select Folder To Read From button.


Your Outlook folders will be shown.




Select the Folder to monitor for the selected ThinkAutomation Account.


You can choose to move processed messages to a different folder in Outlook once they have been sent to ThinkAutomation. Click the Then Move Matched Messages To Folder option and select the folder to move the messages to.


Click OK to save the settings.


The ThinkAutomation Outlook Add-In will then monitor the selected folders and move messages to the ThinkAutomation Client automatically. The ThinkAutomation Client will then send the messages to the ThinkAutomation Server for processing.


Note: The ThinkAutomation Outlook Add-In is a 32 bit application. It will only work on 32 bit Outlook.


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