Getting Started - ThinkAutomation On Premise

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Getting Started - ThinkAutomation On Premise

ThinkAutomation is a Windows based application. It can run on any Windows computer.


System Requirements:

Windows 7 or higher. Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 2 or higher.

.NET Framework 4.5

IIS with ASP.NET enabled (only required if the ThinkAutomation Web Services will be used).

500 MB free disk space.


Recommended Windows Features for ThinkAutomation Web Services.

If the ThinkAutomation Web Services will be used it is recommended to install the following Windows features

HTTP Activation

Static Content


To install ThinkAutomation run the ThinkAutomation40.exe setup program. You need to be logged on with full Administrator rights during the setup. If using Windows 7/8/10, ensure you right click the setup exe and select 'Run As Administrator'. If using Windows 8,10 or 2012 you may need to enable .NET Framework 4.5 in your Control Panel - Add/Remove Windows Features. If you want to run the ThinkAutomation Administrator or Client on remote computers then you will also need to enable IIS and ASP.NET. This allows the ThinkAutomation Web Services to be used.


The setup will create an 'ThinkAutomation Version 4' folder on your start menu.


The setup will also install the ThinkAutomation Server Services. These will be set to start automatically when the computer starts up. The services will be removed if you un-install ThinkAutomation.


When you start the ThinkAutomation Administrator for the first time the Registration Wizard will start. Run through this to register your copy. If you are evaluating ThinkAutomation and don't have a serial number, click the 'Get A 30 Day Evaluation Serial Number' button to have a temporary serial number generated.


Collection of Application Usage Data

During install, you will see a checked option to 'Allow ThinkAutomation To Send Anonymous Usage Data to Parker Software.' This can be disabled at setup if you do not wish this to be enabled. It can also be enabled/disabled in the Program Options within the application.


The data we capture does not contain any personal data or information which can reveal the identity of any individual. It also does not contain any of the data you are processing, such as emails or database content.


It simply allows us to understand how users are configuring the application, how many triggers are being used, which message retrieval types are most popular etc. There are also no performance implications as a result.


It allows us to plan our road map and make our software better but it is of course optional and you are free to disable as you wish.


Message Store Database

ThinkAutomation stores each message it processes in it's own 'Message Store'. ThinkAutomation can manage this database itself, or you can use an external SQL Server database. If you will be processing large numbers of messages, we recommend using SQL Server 2008 or higher.  For best performance use SQL Server 2008/2012/2014/2016 Express and install it on the same computer as ThinkAutomation. SQL Server Express is a free download from Microsoft.



To Uninstall

Open "Programs and Features" from your Windows Control Panel. Select ThinkAutomation from the list and click the uninstall button.


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Installing The ThinkAutomation Administrator On Remote Computers

You can install the ThinkAutomation Administrator on remote computers. This enables you to configure ThinkAutomation and view processed messages on user computers separate from your ThinkAutomation Server. You can download a separate ThinkAutomation Administrator installer from the ThinkAutomation web site.

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