Importing Accounts & Triggers

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Importing Accounts & Triggers

You can import ThinkAutomation Accounts & Triggers from another ThinkAutomation MetaData file. This includes Email2DB Version 3 & Version 2 MetaData files.


This option can be found by clicking Import Accounts & Triggers from the ThinkAutomation Server Configuration Manager. The ThinkAutomation Server will need to be stopped before running this option.




Click the Open Folder button to select a ThinkAutomation MetaData file. You can import from both ThinkAutomation Version 2 & Version 3 files.




For Email2DB Version 2 - select Email2DB Version 2 Metadata Files' from the Files of type selection. Then navigate to the MetaData file you want to import from.


Note: For Email2DB Version 2 this will be called 'MetaData.vdb'. For Email2DB Version 3 it will be called 'MetaData.db3'.


Click the Open button once you have selected the MetaData file.


The Accounts & Triggers will then be read from the selected MetaData file.




Select the Accounts & Triggers you want to import and click the Import button.


The selected Accounts & Triggers will then be added as new Accounts & Triggers to your current ThinkAutomation MetaData file. You will need to restart ThinkAutomation for these to show in your ThinkAutomation Administrator.



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