Email Using IMAP

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Email Using IMAP

IMAP is a more advanced protocol than POP3 and is supported by most modern mail servers. If you have a choice to use IMAP or POP3 to read your emails you should always choose IMAP as this will give better performance.


Click the Get Via Email button - then select the IMAP tab, if you want ThinkAutomation to retrieve email messages from any IMAP Server


Click the Read Emails From An IMAP Server checkbox to enable IMAP processing.




IMAP Server


Enter the IP address or DNS name of the IMAP mail server. If you are connecting to a Microsoft Exchange server then ensure that the IMAP connector is installed and running and that the IMAP port (143) is open on the Exchange server PC's firewall. For Gmail use:


IMAP Port Number


This defaults to 143 and normally does not need to be changed (unless secure IMAP is used - see below).


Server Requires Encrypted Connection (SSL)


Select this option if your IMAP server requires a secure connection. The port number will automatically change to 993 - which is the port IMAP uses for secure connections.


User Name/Password


Enter the user name and password for the IMAP account that you want to use.


Check Folder


Select the folder that you want ThinkAutomation to read and process email messages from.


Click the Connect button to display the folders available for the account on the IMAP Server. You must select one of the folders.


Then Move To Folder


Select this option if you want ThinkAutomation to move messages it has downloaded to another folder. You must then select another IMAP folder.


Mark As Seen


Select this option if you want ThinkAutomation to set the 'SEEN' flag against each message that it reads. This option should be selected as it will improve performance. Each time ThinkAutomation checks the mail server for new emails, it only has to check 'UNSEEN' messages if this option is enabled. Otherwise it must check all messages since the date of the last checked message.


Delete Processed Messages


Check this option if you want ThinkAutomation to delete 'Processed' messages from the mail server. By 'processed' we mean only those messages that match the Trigger Conditions . Other messages in the same account that do not match trigger conditions will not be deleted.


Delete All Checked Messages


Select this option if you also want to delete messages that do not match the trigger conditions.


Note: Even if you choose not to delete processed messages ThinkAutomation will never process the same message twice. This is because it maintains its own mail store of checked messages.


Deleting Messages from GMail Mailboxes using 'Delete Processed Messages'


If you are connecting to GMail and want to have ThinkAutomation delete messages after they have been processed, it is recommended that you instead use the 'Then Move To Folder' option to move the messages to the Trash folder.

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