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Via SMTP Receive

ThinkAutomation can receive incoming emails directly via the built-in Mail Server. This enables emails to be sent directly to ThinkAutomation via SMTP. When ThinkAutomation receives an email via the built-in mail server it will be processed immediately.


Click the Receive Via SMTP option on the Ribbon Bar.




Click the Process Emails Received Via The ThinkAutomation Mail Server option to enable the mail server for this Account.


Process Email For Domain


Enter the domain name for this account. When an email is received by the mail server, ThinkAutomation will check the domain of the message (the text after the @ sign) and only process emails for this account that have matching domain names. You can specify multiple domains, separated with ;.


Note: The domain name is the part after the '@' in the email address. So for example, for email address - the domain is ''




Enter the aliases to accept email for. You can separate multiple aliases with a semi-colon. Enter * to accept all aliases for the domain.


In the above example, any emails received for and will be processed through this Account.


See Also: Mail Server Options



Testing The SMTP Server

Create a new ThinkAutomation Account and enable the Receive Via SMTP option.


Enter '' for the Domain name and 'test' for the Alias.


Save the Account. Now create a Trigger for the new account called 'Test Trigger'. Simply save the trigger using it's default values. This will create a trigger for ALL incoming emails that will simply show a popup message and store the email in ThinkAutomation's database.


To test the direct send option, simply use Outlook or Outlook express (or any other email client). Create a new email account and point the SMTP and POP3 servers to the IP address or host name of the ThinkAutomation PC. If your email client is on the same PC as ThinkAutomation you can specify 'localhost'.


Now use your email client to send an email to ''


You will immediately see the popup appear and the trigger will show as processed in the ThinkAutomation server log. The email will also appear in the Message Store (you can view processed messages by right-clicking the Account and selecting 'View Processed Messages').


You can test if outgoing emails are relayed by sending an email to any other valid domain.



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