Configuring Administrator & Client Access

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Configuring Administrator & Client Access

The ThinkAutomation Administrator and ThinkAutomation Client applications connect to the ThinkAutomation Server using a secure HTTPS connection. This option is used to change the port number that is used for these connections.


You can change the Client Access Configuration the ThinkAutomation node by clicking Configure Administrator & Client Access from the ThinkAutomation Server Configuration Manager. The ThinkAutomation Server will need to be stopped before running this option.



HTTPS Listens On Port


Specify the port number that the ThinkAutomation should listen on for Administrator & Client connections. The default port number is 8855. You would normally not need to change this port unless another application is already using it.


If you change the port then users of the ThinkAutomation Administrator & Client will need to specify it in the ThinkAutomation Server address when they connect:




Here we are connecting to ThinkAutomation running on '' where the port has been changed to 8000.


Bind To Interface


By default the ThinkAutomation server listens for client connections on all network interfaces. You can however bind to a specific network interface by selecting the appropriate network card. This can be useful in machines with multiple network interfaces (multihomed).


Web Services URL


This is the external address for the ThinkAutomation Web Services. During installation the ThinkAutomation Web Services are installed under your default web site in IIS - in a virtual directory called 'ThinkAutomation'. This entry is the PUBLIC address for this virtual directory. If you will be using the ThinkAutomation Administrator or the ThinkAutomation Client over the Internet then the public address for the ThinkAutomation Web Services must be configured correctly.


Click OK to save the settings. You can then restart the ThinkAutomation Server.



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