Update Message Store Token

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Update Message Store Token

Updates a counter value in the Message Store that can be later reported on.




This Action can be used to update a daily counter value that is stored in the ThinkAutomation Message Store for each Account. These counters can be reported on via the ThinkAutomation Dashboard.


Enter a Token Name and Token Value.


When a message is processed, ThinkAutomation will lookup the Token Name/Value pair in the Message Store against the Message Date. It will create the Token Name/Value pair if a record does not exist, otherwise it will increment the counter for the existing Token Name/Value pair.


You can assign the updated counter value to a ThinkAutomation Field or Variable for use on subsequent actions. Select from the Assign Updated Value To list.


Any number of unique Token Names can be counted against each ThinkAutomation Account.


ThinkAutomation counts the following Tokens by default:


Sender Domain

Sender Country

Attachment File Type


So you do not need to create tokens for these.


Any arbitrary data item can be counted. For example:


Messages by day of week (set the Token Value to %DayOfWeek%).

Messages containing certain keywords.

Messages by any of your Extracted Field values (payment types, currencies etc).


The counted Token Value has a maximum size of 200 characters. Values larger than this will be truncated before being counted.


The ThinkAutomation Statistics viewer will then show a list of Token Names to view. You can then view a chart for any given date range.


Note: Changing the name of an existing Token will result in a new counter being started.

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