Normalize Phone Number

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Normalize Phone Number

Formats a phone number for international or domestic use.




Takes any phone number and adds or removes the international dialing code for the specified country. It also removes any spaces, dashes or parenthesis.


Specify the Phone Number. This can be a field or variable. The first phone number found in the text specified will be used.


Specify the Country Code/Name. This can also be a variable. You can use the full country name eg: United Kingdom, or the country code, eg: GB


Enable the Make International option to return the full international phone number. Otherwise the domestic number will be returned.


Select the field/variable to assign the result to from the Assign To drop down.


This action is useful when using the Twilio actions, or when looking up a phone number from a database.


International phone numbers will be returned in the format:




(407) 488 2019 for United States becomes:        +14074882019

01782- 822577 for United Kingdom becomes:        +441782822577


Eg for domestic numbers:

+441782722577 for United Kingdom becomes:        01782822577


If the country specified does not exist then the phone number will be returned blank.



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