OCR (Azure Cognitive Services)

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OCR (Azure Cognitive Services)

Extract of any detected text within an uploaded image.


To run this action, a connection to Microsoft Azure's Cognitive Services is required in order to run the text recognition process. See further prerequisite information below.


Prerequisites for use.


1. An active Microsoft Azure subscription.

2. An active Azure Cognitive Services resource.


Setting up a Microsoft Azure Account


Microsoft has provided guidance on how to quickly and easily create an Azure subscription with an initial free period.

Please follow the guidance outlined here.


Creating an Azure Computer Vision API resource.


Please follow Microsoft guidance outlined here to create the Azure Cognitive Services resource required.


Account Version of Azure OCR

OCR using this service can also be used on a File Pickup account as explained here




1. Specify the address of your Cognitive Services Endpoint


2. Add your Subscription Key


3. Choose an image you wish to upload to the OCR service for text extraction. (Field replacements allowed)


4. Choose a variable to which you can assign any detected text from the image you uploaded.





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