Add Message Store Keywords

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Add Message Store Keywords

Adds keywords to the Message Store record for the current message.




The MessageStore table in the ThinkAutomation Message Store contains a 'Keywords' field.  When you view the message store you can search the Subject & From/To addresses when searching for messages. If you add this Action then the Keywords field will be populated and included in any searches.


The Keywords Value entry can be set to any text. It defaults to the built-in field %msg_wordindexsorted%. This built-in field returns a sorted list of unique words found in the message. This list is sorted by word count (the number of times each word appears in the message). Each word is separated by a space. Common English words, numbers, symbols & tags are excluded.


You can add your own words or extracted field values to the Keywords Value entry. For example: If you have an extracted field called OrderNumber and you want the keywords just to contain the Order Number value then set the Keywords Value to %OrderNumber%. Then when searching you could enter an order number in the search box to instantly find the relevant message(s). You can include the Order Number AND top keywords by setting the Keywords Value to '%OrderNumber% %msg_wordindexsorted%'.


If the Use Top value is specified then the Top x words are used. If this entry is zero then all words are added.


Note: Using this option will increase the storage requirements for each message in the Message Store - especially if no 'Top' value is specified.

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