Account Groups

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Account Groups

You can create multiple Account Groups. Any number of Accounts can the be moved into a group. This helps to better organize your Accounts when many Accounts are used.


Click the Account Group button on the ribbon bar whilst in the Accounts view.


Select Create New Group to create a new Account Group:




Enter the Group Name and optional Description.


You can mark a group as Enabled or Disabled. If a group is disabled then none of the Accounts in the group will retrieve or process messages. If you re-enable a group then any individual Accounts in the group that are marked as disabled themselves will remain in a disabled state.


When you create a new group the currently selected Account will be moved to it.


You can move any Account to an existing group my selecting it (clicking once) and choosing 'Move To...' from the Account Group menu:




Clicking an Account Group will open it and show the Accounts in that group.


Choose Delete Group from the Account Group menu to delete the group. All Accounts contained in the group will also be deleted. You can move Accounts out of a group by selecting the Account and choosing (No Group) from the Account Group menu.



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