Email to CRM

All your inbound customer emails, automatically uploaded to your CRM. ThinkAutomation monitors your mailboxes, retrieves new messages every minute, and parses them to your CRM in subseconds. Plus, you can build any number of automations to act on the parsed data once inside your CRM.

Email to CRM - overview

  • Configure your CRM connections and automations using our drag-and-drop automation studio
  • Once connected, ThinkAutomation can read and update entities in Microsoft Dynamics (Online), Salesforce, Zoho CRM, and Sugar CRM
  • For messages from new customers, ThinkAutomation can create new CRM accounts complete with all relevant information
  • For existing CRM accounts, ThinkAutomation will update the record with the latest correspondence or extracted data
  • Email syncing can be a simple automation, or part of a larger workflow with multiple actions and integration chains

Email to CRM - use cases

  • Automate the updating of your CRM from any received message, any source
  • Attach entire emails to CRM entities or extract specific data
  • Upload attachments
  • Query any CRM entity and use the information on outgoing messages
  • Track customer sentiment or assign tokens to track and count CRM values
  • Translate email to CRM
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired workflow