Email sentiment analysis

Gauge customer sentiment over time – using only email data and an automated workflow. ThinkAutomation comes with an inbuilt sentiment analysis engine, which it can run any volume of company emails through as part of the parsing process. So, you can analyse, score, and automatically act on inbound messages.

Email sentiment analysis – overview

  • ThinkAutomation will sit behind any connected system – including your mailboxes – and monitor then parse new messages based on your workflows
  • An “email sentiment analysis” workflow would see ThinkAutomation running emails through the sentiment analyser to produce a sentiment score, then returning the results to a variable
  • It can then act on these results to fire specific actions as part of any number of larger automated workflows
  • The sentiment analyser includes built-in training data for common English positive and negative words – but you can also add your own training data to customise to your need and industry
  • Sentiment analysis can be used to classify a message for any construct – categorising sales vs support emails, shortlisting CVs based on keywords, identifying “sales-readiness” – not just positive or negative sentiment

Email sentiment analysis – use cases

  • Crawl big data to generate a customer sentiment report
  • Score emails based on sales potential and automate subsequent alerts
  • Route customer support emails based on complaint severity
  • Push highly positive customer feedback to a web feed
  • Bridge triggered calls for critical issues
  • Compile a “heat map” of common customer feedback points
  • Plus countless more, depending on your desired use case