Ensuring you are always on time: an automation journey

Time is something that we all seem to be short of, and this is particularly true for the modern business. In today’s technologically advanced marketplace, customers expect immediate results as well as instant communication between themselves and the brands they choose.

To help close the gap between its drivers and its customers, transportation providers Flyte Tyme Transportation* implemented ThinkAutomation. Here’s the story of their automation journey.

Embracing communication change

As the sixth largest global transportation provider in the world, Flyte Tyme Transportation offers over ground passenger services to a global customer base that spans over 450 cities. For 30 years, the transportation company has provided high levels of customer service by ensuring its drivers are always on time, despite the changing nature of customer requirements.

This change has seen mobile communication — SMS and instant messaging — beginning to replace email and telephone. And to support its customers, Flyte Tyme Transportation wanted to develop a cost-effective way of using these newer platforms. So, in May 2016, the global corporation began the process of streamlining and improving its customer communications to create a simplified experience for both customers and staff.

ThinkAutomation provided the most efficient way of meeting these goals. Through its custom integration with the Twilio cloud communications platform, the software provided the best way to advance Flyte Tyme’s communications strategy.

Instant interactions

With the number of people travelling by air and land increasing every year, a system to navigate common problems such as delayed flights and missed connections is needed. With this sort of ‘last minute’ nature to the travel industry, it is essential that businesses operating in the sector are able to offer services that can adapt quickly and respond effectively.

For Flyte Tyme Transportation, meeting their customers’ changing needs is an essential part of providing a seamless service that is easily repeatable. This, ultimately, is why the company chose ThinkAutomation and its automated workflow consistency.

The implementation

ThinkAutomation is an advanced business automation solution that streamlines all aspects of a business’s operations. It does this through a series of triggers and automated follow-up actions. In a nutshell, ThinkAutomation parses data from messages, and then uses ‘if’ rules to run workflows on the results.

This means that there is no delay in response time, as sophisticated automatic responses are generated based on triggers. Since the implementation of the system, Flyte Tyme Transportation has seen the potential gap between itself and its customers effectively removed.

Reducing friction

“In an environment that is constantly changing as a result of factors out of our control, it is essential that communication between us and our customers is frictionless,” explained Paul Murray, chief information officer (CIO) of Flyte Tyme Transportation.

“Our customers can often find themselves in countries or cities that they have no prior experience of. It is our job to minimise the stress this can cause. We all know how frustrating it is when we have arrived in a place we have never visited and may already be running late due to delayed flights. Further delays by your car service is a nightmare problem. You simply don’t have the energy to deal with it after a stressful travel experience. This is why our drivers are in constant communication with our dispatchers and our clients, to ensure that we are always able to anticipate our customers’ needs.

“ThinkAutomation’s integration with Twilio provided the perfect way to keep these lines of communication as smooth as possible. Incorporating Twilio supports instant interaction. Customers can send an SMS message asking where their driver is and get an accurate response within seconds. The automated process eliminates any potential delays that customers would previously have faced while an employee manually obtained the correct information from our database and relayed this through telephone or email.”

Borderless communications

Operating across continents is part and parcel of Flyte Tyme’s daily operations. With clients in over 191 countries all expecting instant responses to their enquiries, language barriers are not an option.

To combat the potential linguistic problems that transatlantic communications can present, Flyte Tyme Transportation has custom translation workflows as part of their ThinkAutomation setup. The system can automatically translate any incoming message while identifying the specific area code of the customer. The translated message is then processed and sent to the appropriate reservations team who can handle the enquiry.

“Customers are looking for instant results and expect companies to anticipate their needs,” explained Murray. “ThinkAutomation gives us a significant advantage over our competitors. The system’s flexibility streamlines processes and shortens work times. At the same time, it constantly updates and adapts to the needs of our global customer base.

“The volume of SMS messages we receive from replies to automated messages that ask customers not to reply is monumental. This can overload our teams and sideline meaningful communications. ThinkAutomation solves this problem by processing the response and automatically sending the message across to the correct reservations team. This allows us to reduce costs and work hours. Plus, it creates better client experiences and therefore a better brand reputation.”

Streamlined processes

Streamlining processes for both Flyte Tyme Transportation’s customers and employees eradicates all potential gaps in communication that may arise. For example, one ThinkAutomation action contacts Flyte Tyme’s drivers each morning, reminding them when they need to collect their first client. Previously, this action would have taken one employee up to an hour and a half to complete. It is now achieved within seconds thanks to automation.

“Our ThinkAutomation software and its integration with Twilio has been designed to improve communications. It helps make them as smooth and instantaneous as possible,” said Stephen Parker, founder and CEO of Parker Software. “For businesses whose services rely on rapid communication in fast-paced environments, removing annoying delays and possibilities for error is essential.

“Customers hate waiting on hold. ThinkAutomation’s integration with Twilio removes this problem, providing instant, automatic responses. ThinkAutomation is the ideal solution to improve a brand’s communication, both internally and with its customers. Flyte Tyme Transportation’s bespoke ThinkAutomation package allows them to do just that.”

Time waits for no man

Time waits for no man. But businesses like Flyte Tyme Transportation can still maintain the highest levels of customer service in the new technological landscape by automating their processes and communicating via the channels customers actually use.

Start your automation journey

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*Please note: Addison Lee purchased Flyte Time Transportation in 2017.