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Customer: EweMove

Sector: Real estate

Requirement: An automation solution that could support bespoke needs, rather than forcing the company to change their procedures to match the solution

Solution: A custom ThinkAutomation deployment incorporating web lead processing and property report generation


Always ahead of the herd

While many sheep are content following the herd, EweMove estate agents wanted to distinguish itself from the flock of estate agents on the high street. Its use of technology, with the help of ThinkAutomation, allows it to do just that.


The challenge

EweMove was receiving website sales leads that they weren’t able to automatically upload into their database. They needed something that could automate this process in the first instance, but also be scalable as they grew their franchise network.

The company had already built a fantastic database solution, hosted in the cloud, which managed the majority of processes. However, there were gaps that prevented agents from providing the best service possible. These breaks also meant many agents spent more time than necessary completing menial tasks, rather than finalising a sale for a client.


The solution

ThinkAutomation helps EweMove bring efficiencies to some of the important processes that generate business leads. Initially, the team used ThinkAutomation for its email to database function. This simple workflow fills EweMove’s admin gaps and reduces routine administration. However, more sophisticated processes have also been implemented over time.

For example, ThinkAutomation allows the creation of substantial home reports, with less admin work for agents. ThinkAutomation fully integrates with EweMove’s website and database. It captures customer details and triggers the process for a Home Track report. (A comprehensive home valuation report that is supplied by the top 20 banking institutions.)

Then, ThinkAutomation automatically returns to the Home Track system 15 minutes later to check whether the report is complete. If it is, the report is captured and sent directly to the customer and relevant property agent. If not, it triggers a second timer for the system to be checked again five minutes later.

So, ThinkAutomation helps potential customers receive thorough and accurate property valuation reports as soon as they are available. Agent teams don’t need to manually enter customer information, monitor the Home Track system for the report to appear or even draft an email to the client with the document attached. ThinkAutomation handles all that – quietly and automatically.


The results


  • Improved resource availability for higher-value tasks
  • Quick, accurate website lead processing
  • A sharpened competitive edge with regards to the report generation process
  • Significant time-savings from admin alleviation
  • A flexible solution that works around existing business processes


The feedback


“ThinkAutomation provides a simple solution to often complex administrative systems. It’s incredibly easy to make something complex, but it’s very difficult to make something as complex as software and automation simple. Parker Software has done it.

ThinkAutomation really is simple enough for anyone to use. You don’t need to have a technical background to be able to do seemingly complex tasks like data extraction and software audits. The Parker Software team has clearly been in our shoes, thought about what customers like us might need, and found a solution that works for everyone.

And the return on investment for us is massive. To manually complete the work that ThinkAutomation handles, we’d probably have to employ more people just to be able to cope, and it saves so much time for the staff that we do have.

Plus, the development time you’d often struggle with at other software companies is completely collapsed down. If you have an idea today, Parker Software is working on it to be available tomorrow. There are always new functions of the software that I couldn’t do last week, last month or last year. The team doesn’t rest on its laurels; Parker Software actually listens and makes solutions to fix customers’ problems. I couldn’t ask for more.”


David Laycock, EweMove founder