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Customer: Cisco

Sector: IT

RequirementTo provide an email integration broker capable of adding complex CRM records

Solution: A sophisticated automation tool that enhanced both EIM capability and Oracle integration


Helping Cisco connect the unconnected

Cisco is the worldwide leader in internet networking. A multi-national, multi-billion tech company, Cisco systems help power 85% of all internet traffic. One of its key goals is to “connect the previously unconnected”. And that’s just what ThinkAutomation helped Cisco achieve internally.


The challenge

Cisco needed an email integration broker. Its contact centre incorporates a unified email interaction manager module (EIM), which routes and processes inbound messages to provide consistent responses.

A major issue, however, was impeding performance. Cisco’s EIM wasn’t capable of adding complex customer contact records into Oracle’s customer care and billing platform (CC&B), resulting in diluted customer service and revenue management.

So, Cisco needed a solution that could both enhance EIM capabilities and improve Oracle integration. At the same time, agents needed a solution that could take data efficiently from unstructured, free-format emails, leaving them free to focus on delivering quality customer service.

Enter ThinkAutomation.

The solution

Think Automation helped Cisco work smarter. At its most fundamental level, the solution parsed and processed Cisco’s incoming comms. But to deliver the finely-tuned detail required, ThinkAutomation also assigned each customer with a unique customer ID. This provided both the intelligence for email processing and the generation of detailed customer contact records in CC&B.

Every day, thousands of incoming emails arrive at Cisco’s Microsoft Exchange server. And every day, ThinkAutomation processes emails destined for customer care. The software automatically identifies the customer, checks if a unique ID exists within CC&B and then administers validation. In the event that the customer cannot be identified, ThinkAutomation replies to the customer, requesting identifying data.

That’s not all. Think Automation then adds a customer contact record into CC&B and redirects the email to the UCCX for processing by agents. All emails are copied to a separate message store, protecting against deletion of emails.

ThinkAutomation helps unburden Cisco’s agents. They have all the data they need to instantly identify customers and their queries, and they don’t have to waste time manually updating records. (ThinkAutomation handles that for them, too.)


The results

ThinkAutomation has now been integrated into Cisco operations for several years. It continues to:

  • Simplify processes to reduce human input, for improved productivity
  • Improve customer service thanks to quick, accurate processing
  • Automate the parsing of thousands of daily inbound emails
  • Smoothly link data across key systems