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Customer: Addison Lee

Sector: Transportation

RequirementA convenient way to power instant communication with customers

Solution: An automated SMS platform complete with translation and processing


Closing the gap between drivers and customers

The Addison Lee Group is the largest provider of managed ground transport services in the world. With a little help from ThinkAutomation and its Twilio integration, the business makes sure its drivers and customers are kept connected.

The challenge

The travel industry often comes with delayed flights, missed connections, translation issues, and a whole host of problems that can cause frustration. In this kind of ‘last minute’ environment, it is essential that Addison Lee offer quality services that can adapt quickly and respond effectively.

Drivers need to be in constant communication with dispatchers and clients. Customers need updates on driver locations – without having to wait on hold or face delays. And importantly, Addison Lee needs to manage all these quick-fire communications seamlessly, cost-effectively, and consistently.



The solution

ThinkAutomation helps make customer communication frictionless. Through its Twilio integration, customers can send an SMS message asking where their driver is and get an accurate response within seconds. The automated process eliminates any potential delays. There is no need for an employee to manually find out the correct information from a database and relay it to the customer through call or email. Instead, the workflow runs automatically and admin-free.

Plus, ThinkAutomation’s translation functionality removes language barriers.  The system automatically translates any incoming message while identifying the specific area code of the customer. This translated message is then processed through a series of triggers, and automatically sent to the appropriate reservations team to handle the enquiry.

And it’s not just customers and admin teams who get support. With ThinkAutomation, drivers also get an automated alert reminding them of the time they need to collect their first client. Any potential communication gaps are covered, with all parties kept in the loop.

The results


  • An automated SMS system that instantly updates customers on driver location
  • An inbound message translation engine that enables smoother international service
  • Time-saving schedule alerts that keep drivers updated and in the loop
  • A reduction in required administrative tasks across the service and logistics department
  • Overall reduction in operational costs and work hours


The feedback


“ThinkAutomation gives us a significant advantage over our competitors. The system’s flexibility streamlines processes and shortens work times while constantly updating and adapting to the needs of our global customer base.

“The volume of daily SMS messages that we receive from replies to automated messages that ask customers not to reply is monumental. This can overload our teams and sideline meaningful communications.

ThinkAutomation solves this problem by processing the response and automatically sending the message across to the correct reservations team. This allows us to reduce costs and work hours. Plus, it creates better client experiences and therefore a better brand reputation.”

Paul Murray, Addison Lee North America