The top 10 AI trends for 2022

Artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing at an exciting pace. We’ve dreamed and schemed of AI since the 50s — possibly even earlier. Today, AI is embedded into our everyday lives more than ever before.

With artificial intelligence technology sitting inside an increasing number of services, 2022 is only set to see its adoption accelerate.

So, here, we look ahead at what we expect to be the top AI trends for 2022. What’s in store for this revolutionary technology?

1.      AI in cybersecurity

The top, number one, without a doubt AI trend for 2022 is the growth of AI in cybersecurity practices.

This trend is the natural evolution of the use of automation for cyber protection. AI in cybersecurity does cover things that its predecessor – automation – could handle, like the routine storage and securing of data. But it also goes further and assists with highly advanced tasks. For example, powering intelligent analytics to detect potential threats or patterns pointing to nefarious intentions.

It’s important to note that AI’s entry into cybersecurity is something of a double-edged sword. Cybercriminals can (and will) use it too. So, organisations need to embrace AI now to stay ahead.

In short, AI in cybersecurity is a ‘must-trend’. There’s no question of if it will happen — it must if our systems are to remain secure during and after 2022.

2.      More advancement in conversational AI

The next of the top AI trends for 2022 revolves around conversational AI. Artificial intelligence will improve at conversation — enabling programs with better language modelling.

This means that we will have better:

Conversational AI will become even more widespread in 2022, boosting text-based chatbots and voice-based smart assistants alike. As such, these technologies will be able to serve us better than before.

The improvement in conversational AI also extends to machine translation. That is, AI-equipped programs will be better able to translate input to different languages, making for smoother worldwide communication.

3.      More intelligent automation and hyperautomation

Intelligent automation is the combination of artificial intelligence with traditional process automation.

Hyperautomation, meanwhile, is the convergence of all available automation technologies with other software as well as artificial intelligence technology.

One of the top AI trends for 2022 is the growth of these new AI uses. That is, the use of AI technology to augment existing automated efforts. This means that AI will help to improve and automate more and more of our daily lives — both in business and at home.

4.      Meeting of AI with IoT technology

The internet of things (IoT) has grown over the past few years. In 2022, our connected devices will not only grow in number but also become more advanced.

And this is all thanks to the convergence of IoT with AI technology. (Sometimes referred to as AIoT – the artificial intelligence of things.)

For example, with AI, our IoT-connected devices will have analytic abilities. This then enables these devices to make smart suggestions based on the data of the other apps and appliances they’re connected to.

5.      Increased discussions around responsible/ethical AI

AI ethics have now been up for discussion for decades. But as artificial intelligence technologies continue to infiltrate daily life, the need for these discussions grows.

As such, another of the top AI trends for 2022 is the increased attention, discussion, and emphasis placed on ensuring ethical, responsible AI use.

This will revolve around everything from security to safety; to discrimination to social disruption. Broadly speaking, ethical discussions ensure that the use of AI technology is fair and doesn’t endanger anyone.

6.      Quantum AI

Quantum AI is the union of artificial intelligence with quantum computing. That is, having AI-based programs run on a quantum computer.

AI is all set to get a (quantum) power boost. Simply explained, quantum AI will be able to learn from data faster than traditional computing. This means that it will be able to uncover patterns and anomalies with unprecedented speed, and perform calculations faster than ever previously possible.

With quantum, then, the potential of AI technologies will grow exponentially – throwing our abilities to perform complex computations wide open.

See more about quantum computing: ELI5: Quantum computing explained in 350 words

7.      AI in healthcare

The next of the top AI trends for 2022 in our predictions is the growth of AI in a healthcare setting. Already, artificial intelligence-based programs are assisting with diagnoses. In 2022, we expect that the role of AI in healthcare will grow.

This means that AI-powered technology will accelerate contactless patient care. It will take part in medical decision making and recommend preventive steps for treatment. (All of which, however, will be confirmed or refused by a human doctor – AI isn’t ready to take over fully quite yet.)

8.      Artificial creativity

AI can already create art, music, poetry, plays, prose, video games, and so on. There are already emerging AI-powered storytelling games, for instance.

Over the course of 2022, AI will become even better at providing this creative output. It will be better at creating things that seem natural — that are similar to the things we create as humans. There will be more AI-created games, stories, artwork, and music being shared over the course of the coming year.

Alongside this content production, the output of creative AI programs will get used more often in real applications. Rather than, that is, simply to demonstrate a ‘cool thing’ the AI program can do.

9.      Low code and no code AI?

One of the things that may be holding the progression of AI back is the scarcity of AI engineers. As such, another of the AI trends for 2022 revolves around speculation on how this may be addressed.   

In particular, it’s possible that the growing popularity of low-code and no-code platforms in software development will start to leak into the world of AI in 2022.

This would mean that developers less well-versed in AI programming can still use and shape the technology to their needs. (And thus open the way for new uses and avenues of AI.)

10.  AI and the metaverse

The metaverse is the name of an emerging tech trend for 2022. As AI is bound to be a key part of it, it also earns a spot in the list of AI trends for 2022.

The metaverse is a shift in the way we interact with technology (and AI). It’s a virtual space or world, where users can meet, work, play, relax, shop, and so on.

Artificial intelligence is likely to help create the metaverse, as well as support its users. It will act as the NPC/partner in solo metaverse games. It will assist with tasks and decision making within the metaverse. It will help manage translation between worldwide users, encouraging more collaboration. And so on.

Top AI trends for 2022

We have many exciting AI trends for 2022 to look forward to. Artificial intelligence technology is growing and improving, and there’s not yet a sign of a coming AI winter in sight.

In short, the future is looking good for AI technology. It’s going to become more capable, more widespread, and sit at the forefront of innovations.

Are there any coming AI trends that you think we have missed? Tweet us and let us know your thoughts!

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