Open-ended automation

ThinkAutomation is a unique automation tool in terms of scope and flexibility. It comes to you as an open-ended workshop from which you can build out any workflow imaginable. Even better, it does so at a fraction of the cost of other providers.

Stop paying "per-robot"

Practically speaking, “robots” just run rule-based actions. We don’t believe that you should pay tens of thousands of pounds for rule-based processing.

So, ThinkAutomation doesn’t charge you based on buzzwords. There’s no paying “per robot”, and no extra fees for wanting to automate more actions. You get:

Automation Uncapped Workflows
Automation Uncapped Data Processing
Automation Uncapped Integrations
ThinkAutomation vs Blue Prism

One upfront price

We don’t hide ThinkAutomation prices. You can find our price plans on the website, along with a detailed breakdown of what you get for that price.

Your costs don’t fluctuate if you happen to process more data one month, or if you decide to add more automated workflows. Your set subscription charge covers you no matter how much you process.

Why choose ThinkAutomation as a Blue Prism alternative?

Let’s look beyond the open-ended scope. Let’s look beyond the low cost. In terms of the end results, ThinkAutomation is also an optimal Blue Prism alternative.

automation tickAutomates thousands of rule-based tasks automation tickTrusted by Fortune 500s
automation tickIntegrates into any product with an API automation tickSuitable for cross-industry, cross-team workflows
automation tickRobust enough to process billions of messages automation tickSupported by a team of consultants and technicians


Why is ThinkAutomation so cheap?

Because it’s yours to deploy and design. We provide the workshop: you build the workflows. Once you download ThinkAutomation, it’s yours to engineer how you wish. So, we charge you for the engine and not the car.

What’s the setup difference between ThinkAutomation and Blue Prism?

Blue Prism operates through the user interface of applications, whereas ThinkAutomation uses integrations. Both interact with applications to run rule-based actions. To do so, Blue Prism requires “training”, while ThinkAutomation requires “if” rule input. The returns are largely the same.

How do I host ThinkAutomation?

We give our users control. ThinkAutomation is a self-hosted solution. It sits on your own servers, behind your own firewalls or your own DMZ. You need only install it on a single network-connected workstation, and it will run 24/7 in the background.

Why should I trust ThinkAutomation over Blue Prism?

ThinkAutomation isn’t some new solution jumping on the automation bandwagon. It’s been around since 2004, and it’s robust enough to support the needs of organisations like Cisco, Xerox and NASA. To put this solidity in perspective, ThinkAutomation parses an average of 5 billion emails each year.

Try before you buy

There’s another key reason you might prefer ThinkAutomation as a Blue Prism alternative. We let you try before you buy.

ThinkAutomation is yours to trial for free, for a full 30-day stretch. We don’t take your credit card details, and you can simply uninstall if it’s not for you. So, there’s nothing to lose and every efficiency to gain.

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