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Monday – Board Item

Type: Custom ActionAuthor: Sam Ainsworth

Creates, updates, gets and deletes items from a board.

Getting started

To get started using this action a schema must first be downloaded. To download a schema, provide the relevant connection information and click the "Download Schema" button. To force a schema update, click the "Update Schema" button.

Connection details
  • Domain: the domain where the API sits. By default this is
  • API Key: the API Key of the user that ThinkAutomation will use. This is found in Admin > API > Personal API Token


Upon a successful create, update or delete request, the response returned will be the ID of the item. When performing a get operation, any field extractions specified will take place and the raw JSON of the item will be returned.

If an error has occurred during the request, the response will be blank and any errors added to the log.

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