Release Notes

Current Build: 4.1.1571

Build Date: 06 September 2016

Release: 4.1.1571


  • New 'Dark' theme added.
  • You can now hide actions from the Actions Toolbox that you do not use.

New Actions

  • New Post message to Slack action.
  • New FTP Download action.
  • New Execute Secure Shell (SSH) Command action.
  • New iOS Notifications action.
  • New Dropbox share file/folder action.
  • New Google Analytics action.
  • New Date Operations action.


  • For Each/Next Loop can now loop on comma separated values.
  • OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 & CRM file upload actions can now upload multiple files separated by commas.
  • OneDrive & Dropbox actions can now upload to or download from any folder.
  • Dropbox & Google Drive API integration updated to the latest versions. Please Note: You will need to re-authorize any actions that use Dropbox or Google Drive.

Release: 4.0.1540

Updated On: 24 August 2016

Email2DB now has a new name 'ThinkAutomation'. This new name better represents the product capabilities.


  • Updated Administrator view of Accounts & Triggers providing more detail.
  • Accounts view now shows messages processed counts and throughput.
  • Accounts in error show in red.

New Actions

  • New On Error action for improved error handling.
  • New Select Case, Case, End Select actions for conditional execution.
  • New Document Convert action for converting Word, Excel files/attachments to PDF, HTML or Image formats.
  • New PDF Convert action for converting PDF files to Image or text formats.
  • New WhoIs lookup action.
  • New Word Mail Merge action.
  • New Twilio Make Outbound Telephone call action.
  • New Twilio Send SMS action.
  • New Twilio Wait For SMS Reply action.
  • New Normalize Phone Number action.
  • New Facebook post action.
  • New Sentiment Analysis, Get Sentiment & Train Sentiment Analyzer actions.
  • New Exchange Server/Office 365 Set/Get Email Signature action.
  • New Exchange Server Update Current Message action - append to subject/body, set Read, Complete & Follow-up Date.
  • New Create Pass To Buttons action.
  • New Logging level can now be set during Trigger execution.
  • New Create Passcode action.
  • New Encrypt/Decrypt action.
  • New Zip/Unzip action.
  • New PowerShell execute command action.
  • New Create JSON action.
  • New FTP Download action.
  • New Remote Secure Shell Command (SSH) action.


  • Fixed: Database command action now allows named parameters.
  • Fixed: ICal appointment sending action error.
  • Fixed: JSON read action basic authentication error fixed.
  • Azure Database action now uses SQL Native Client 11 if it is installed.

Sentiment Analysis

  • ThinkAutomation can now perform Sentiment Analysis on incoming messages or any other text.
  • Returns Sentiment Score showing if text is Positive or Negative in sentiment.
  • Allows creation of Triggers to execute actions based on the Sentiment score.


  • New Twilio Message source for receiving SMS messages via Twilio
  • Scheduled execution option added for most action types.
  • Send Email Action now uses an improved editor for creating HTML emails.
  • For Each/Next Loop can now iterate through message body lines and loop on any numeric field/variable.
  • File Pickup Account type can now pickup any type of file.
  • Improved PDF to text extraction.
  • Print Action can now print Word, Excel, HTML & Text attachments in addition to PDF.
  • FTP Action now supports secure FTP.
  • Set Variable action can now call a script to set/adjust the variable value.
  • Post to Facebook action now implemented.
  • Updated Web-Based Message Store Viewer provides an improved look and performance.
  • You can now print Trigger details.
  • Validate action now allows the Title & response text and Skin to be specified.
  • You can now create Account 'Groups' for improved organization when many Accounts are used.
  • Messages can be posted directly to ThinkAutomation via web forms.
  • JSON Parsing action can now parse JSON text as well as reading JSON data from URL's.
  • All ThinkAutomation .NET components & web services upgraded to use .NET Framework 4.5.
  • Message Store database improvements for storing messages with many or large attachment names.
  • GEO-IP database updated to April 2016.
  • Product Name Changed To 'ThinkAutomation'.
  • The Email2DB Enterprise Edition is renamed 'ThinkAutomation Standard' Edition & the Email2DB Data Center Edition renamed to 'ThinkAutomation Enterprise' Edition.
  • Support for Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, SQL Server 2014, 2016. Dropped support for Windows XP.
  • Support for Microsoft Dynamics 2013/2015/2016.

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