Get CRM Entity

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Get CRM Entity

Reads an item from a Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce CRM Entity assigns entity fields to ThinkAutomation Fields or Variables.




Click the Select CRM button to connect to your CRM system.




ThinkAutomation supports Microsoft Dynamics 2011/2013/2015/2016 (On Line or On-Premise), Dynamics 4 and Salesforce


Select the CRM type that you want to connect to and enter your connection details - these will depend on the CRM type selected.


Click Test to verify the connection. If you have connected to your CRM system once already in the current Trigger - click the Use Last Connection button to use the same settings as before.


Click OK to save the connection details.


ThinkAutomation will then connect to your CRM system and list the available Entity types. Select the entity you wish to read from from the Select list.


When you select an Entity the available fields for the Entity will be shown in the Query Fields list. Here you can choose how to read an item. Against each field the 'Is' column can be assigned an operator (Equal To, Not Equal To, Greater Than, Less Than etc).  In the Value column you can enter a fixed value or select a ThinkAutomation extracted field or variable (or use a combination). Repeat for any of the Entity fields. When ThinkAutomation executes the Trigger it will then query the CRM Entity and read the first item that matches the Query Fields.


In the Return Fields list you can assign any of the returned Entity fields to your ThinkAutomation fields or variables. These can then be used on subsequent actions.


If an Entity item is not found based on the Query Fields then the Return Fields will be blank. To verify if an Entity Item is returned you can assign the 'ID' field to a ThinkAutomation variable and then check if this is blank - as all items will have an ID.




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